A hat hard at work

| January 28, 2014

Researching routes and towns has taken up quite a bit of time over the past few days.  As I made hotel reservations for Rüdesheim, SGH glared at me indignantly when he realized that he wouldn’t be getting his own bed.  I don’t think he has that kind of pull yet.  Today’s reservations included a hotel near a place where SGH will have to find out more about clogs, a waterside location described as both charming and tacky depending upon the reviews you read, fireworks, and men running with baskets.

In other news, research suggests that Some Guy was a bit of a boozer.  It would appear that SGH might be carried home on at least one occasion, potentially while attached to my head.

SGH and I are waiting to hear back on:

1) whether the Guinness record-holding crookedest hotel on earth, located in Ulm, accepts pets before I make that reservation and see if we’re going to fall into the creek while we sleep (after checking out the tallest church in the world)

2) whether random people can show up and watch one town’s summer curling championship, which doesn’t appear to be on ice


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