A Hike in the Rheingau

| September 18, 2014

Assmannshausen to Rüdesheim

Rheingau view

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 4-7 km depending upon the route you take and whether you use any of the Sielbahn transportation

Starting point: Assmannshausen train station

Charming Assmannshausen

Charming Assmannshausen

Ever since the first hike Sequoia and I took in the Rheingau, it has been a favorite region of mine.  The hike we happened upon was absolutely wonderful, but it would’ve been more enjoyable had we been prepared for the situation with things like, say, water.  Since then, I have returned to the area and repeated some of that hike.  With water.

Tips for the Assmannshausen-Rüdesheim route:

assmannshausen chair lift Seilbahn

We parked by the Assmannshausen train station, then walked just a couple of blocks to the Niederwald-Seilbahn Assmannshausen (the chair lift over the vineyards of Assmannshausen) and rode up to the top.

Jagdschloss petting zoo assmannshausen

We passed the Jagdschloss Niederwald with its petting zoo, then joined a trail toward Rüdesheim.  Heading straight into the woods, we continued on until eventually we turned a bend and the forest opened up to an amazing view of the Rhine.  There is actually a turn left toward the Neiderwald Denkmal that one can make sooner, but it is not as well marked as other sections of the trail.  That route goes to the Niederwald itself, while the first hike we took passed through the vineyards below the monument.

Niederwald Denkmal monument

We then hiked through vineyards that I now know to be a part of the Rheingauer Reisling-Route…

rheingauer riesling route hiking sign

It was lovely, walking between the vines as we overlooked the Rhein.

On a later hike through the region, my friend Suzi and I followed the Niederwald signs, visited the monument, and then headed down into the vineyards.

Sequoia and I eventually found ourselves below the Seilbahn Rüdesheim–the chair lift to Rüdesheim.

We rode down, spent some time there, then took the train back to our car in Assmannshausen.  When I returned to hike the area with Suzi, we hiked all the way to the far end of town through the vineyards, then took the Sielbahn back up to the Niederwald, as we were staying at the Jagdschloss.

This is an absolutely beautiful, easy hike with unique views of the Rhein and vineyards.

Also found in the woods surrounding the Jagdschloss are several attractions, including the Zauberhöhle (Enchanted Cave) and Rittersaal.


Keep an eye out for trail markers–you never know what they’re going to look like!

jagdschloss trail marker

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