A Rainy Overnight in Mont St. Michel

| May 7, 2015

When I was planning our recent trip to Normandy, my husband mentioned wanting to see Mont St. Michel. I’d never heard of it, but believe me: when this tolerant man–whom I drag around Europe according to personal whim–puts in a travel request, I make it happen.

Wanting to stay on the island itself, I chose Le Mouton Blanc, one of the very few hotels situated directly on the island.

normandy hotels abbey

We were not disappointed. But I’ll get to that.

Once we figured out the parking situation (you can’t drive up to the island), we grabbed our bags and headed, through pouring rain, to the little shuttle station adjoining the parking lot. Well. Despite the driver seeing us coming, he pulled away and left us. In the rain. It was awesome.

wet dog look


We sat under a partial overhang until a shuttle appeared about 20 minutes later. As we approached the abbey from the road, our bus slowed down and then came to a stop. Some folks stepped off the bus to take a picture, then stepped back on. When the bus did not move, we all realized that he’d brought us as far as he was going to bring us.

normandy france abbey

They stepped off the bus so their picture of the island would not look like this.

Suitcases in tow, we all began the trek to the abbey.  And by trek, I mean schlepping suitcases over a boardwalk and up the cobblestoned hill toward the abbey.

walking to mont st michel france normandy

Beautiful pic. I could have lived without it, though.

walking to mont st michel france normandy

Thank God for suitcases with wheels.

Once we arrived at the hotel, it was pretty much worth it. Nestled in a crooked, cobblestoned alley, Le Mouton Blanc is filled with all the charm of Europe: 14th Century stone, exposed beams…pure historic charm. Our room, though small, fit both a double and two single beds. Most importantly, it had a bathtub.

normandy hotels

The room featured wood paneling, exposed beams, and a view of the alley.

Hungry from our rainy journey, we decided to stay at the hotel restaurant for dinner.  Our fare:

normandy france restaurants and hotels

I ordered a local specialty omelette. The waiter must have mistaken “omelette” for “vomit”, because it looked and tasted as if someone vomited egg and it foamed up. DO NOT EAT THIS.

normandy france hotels and restaurants

Paul had lamb, said it was good. Not awesome, but good. (At least it wasn’t the omelette, which, if I did not make myself clear, was fucking gross.)

normandy france hotels and restaurants

I also ordered shrimp risotto, because I am a pig. It was not bad, but I did not prefer the flavor of the sauce. The shrimp were yums, though. Thank God I ordered this, to make up for the egg vomit.

I don't recall what Sequoia ate.  I'm assuming it was good.

I don’t recall what Sequoia ate. I’m assuming it was good.

chocolate, normandy france hotels and restaurants

Sequoia’s chocolate mousse dessert. Oh, hells yeah.

dessert, normandy france hotels and restaurants, chocolate

Let me tell you, if there’s one dessert I remember from our trip to Normandy, it’s these chocolate-covered profiteroles. SO FUCKING GOOD. This dessert made up for the egg vomit, tenfold. IT WAS AWESOME.

normandy hotels and restaurants, france

The restaurant interior was charming

We all enjoyed a good night’s rest in the hotel.  In the morning, we could not find a local cafe with croissants, so we ended up returning to the hotel to eat an overpriced breakfast buffet.  Not bad, just overpriced.  While looking for a cafe, we learned how a car-less island laundry service operates.

laundry service, cobblestoned road, european alley

Jobs that suck: going downhill, on cobblestone, with an overflowing dolly.  Presumably, going up also sucks.

We were thrilled to see the sun peeking out as we began to explore the island, even if it was windy as hell.  A few pics:


What it looks like in the sun

Inside the abbey

Inside the abbey

normandy france

Amazing shadow of the island from atop the abbey

Beach views

Beach views

The route of shuttle and shlep

The route of shuttle and schlep

hair blowing in the wind



For the first in a series of photos of Normandy, click here!


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  1. Mike says:

    What did you think of the omelette? Hehe
    (Apparently that fluffy method the local custom.)
    Great story. Thanks.