A World of Model Trains at Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland!

| March 1, 2016

Okay, so it sounds kind of goofy to visit a museum of train models if you’re not a train enthusiast, but this was no ordinary model train exhibit.  It really lived up to the name “Miniature Wonderland” and is a must-see when visiting Hamburg.

Throughout the attraction, you visit cities and regions of the world.  Miniature trains, cars, planes, and people move around the exhibits.

model trains, miniature hamburg, attractions

Model city of Hamburg, Germany

One of the best areas was America (and I’m not just saying that because I’m American…I think…)

mount rushmore, model trains, miniature america, attractions

Mount Rushmore!


model trains, las vegas model, attractions

Vegas, Baby!

But my favorite exhibit was a collection of models of the cities of Hamburg and Berlin before, during, and post-WWII.  It was amazing.

model trains, toy trains, WWII prisoners model

rounding up prisoners

WWII model, model trains

the bombed-out city of Hamburg

berlin wall model, attractions, fall of the wall

The fall of the Wall!


Another favorite was a giant airport.  The planes took off and landed–it was so cool!

model airplanes

City life was amazing.

model trains, toy trains, attractions, taxis

Hail me a cab

ministure highway bridge, attractions, miniature cyclists, model trains

Night fell on exhibits, then daylight would reappear.

model trains, toy trains, attractions

model trains, miniature city, attractions


It was snowing in Scandanavia…

miniature scandanavia, model trains


And if you’re hungry, you can take a break and grab some food in an airplane cafeteria!

airplane seats in restaurant, attractions,

(But with better food!)

The museum can, surprisingly, get very busy–particularly over holidays and breaks.  We waited about two hours.  You can get real-time updates on the wait time on their website: http://www.miniatur-wunderland.de/.  Scroll down the left side of the page.  You can purchase tickets ahead of time, for a particular time slot, which I recommend!  It’s a nice half-day attraction if you’re in the area.


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