Weihnachtsmarkts, or Christmas markets, are a spectacular part of Christmas in Germany—a must-see for any traveler to Europe between the end of November and the New Year.  In some cities, the festivities last for the entire month of December; in smaller towns, a market might last one or two weekends.  The smallest of towns have at least a Glühwein circle where, on weekends throughout the Christmas season, people stand around tables out in the cold, keeping warm by consuming Glühwein and other hot beverages.  Even shivering on a December evening, a giant candle standing behind you in the Marktplatz fountain and laughter surrounding you brings true yuletide cheer.  As does the steamy Glühwein.

I most enjoy medium-sized markets in traditional towns, but we continue to try out markets of all shapes and sizes. Check back periodically for new posts on Christmas Markets. And if you haven’t already made hotel reservations for that special Christmas Market you’d like to visit, Get on it! One booking site showed hotels booked 75% for the weekends in December, and it was only July when I looked!