| June 5, 2015

So. I’m in Amsterdam.

I’m also going to turn 40 this year
without ever having tried pot.

I wrote that last night; it no longer applies.

Amsterdam space cake

Space cake

The result: some serious giggles.

It had been a half-goal to do this, but I had no plan. It did not help that my husband, still a US government employee, could not be involved in the acquisition process.

I wandered into a bar with a menu of the sort of recreation I sought. Unfortunately, I saw no baked goods except in one little snack section. I was too embarrassed to ask if the little cake on the menu had pot in it. I just bought one, which turned out to be a prepackaged slice of cake not containing anything I wanted. Well, except sugar. I like sugar.

I walked into another bar, which was considerably less crowded. There, I asked if they sold brownies. The bartender pointed out the space cakes, and I ordered one. While she was getting it for me, I confided in the bartender and 2 women sitting at the bar, that it was my first time.

One woman: “First time??!!”
Me: “yeah…”
Same woman: “and you’re gonna start with a space cake? I don’t recommend it.”
Me: “I don’t like smoke.”
Woman, nodding: “ohhhhh…yeah…”
Bartender, looking me up and down, traces a small square in the bottom corner of the cake and says, “Just eat this. Only this. And wait an hour.”

After I’d been nibbling like a mouse for a good hour and a half, we found ourselves seated at the hotel restaurant, where my 8-year-old became hilarious to me. I mean, she’s entertaining on a regular basis, but not so funny that I can’t stop laughing. Last night I could not stop laughing. This gave her the giggles, so the two of us just sat cracking up. Paul began to wonder if I’d given her my cake.

Conclusion: It was pretty chill. Today I’m going to try a lollipop.  In the name of science.


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