Crazy morning. Nothing new?

| December 12, 2014

My morning…


-Sequoia off to school

-start a load of laundry

-straighten up the house before the cleaning lady comes

0830- cleaning lady arrives; Flash goes nuts


– pack for weekend trip to a Christmas market in the Netherlands

– edit and publish the Advent im Wald blog post

– search high and low for Flash’s passport/vet pass, which I thought I would need at the vet, and knew I would need at the Hundsitter


-take Flash to vet for 0945 appointment

-I had forgotten to put flash on a leash before he jumped into the car–I realized when it was time to get out.

-arrive in vet office waiting room, carrying squirmy Flash, whom I let roam the floor because the room is empty

-Flash pees (and I mean PEES) on the waiting room floor (a first).  I pull newspapers out of the trash can to cover it until the vet assistant comes out of the office and cleans it up.

– Someone arrives with a bulldog.  Flash goes nuts despite playing with other dogs at the Hundsitter every trip we take.

1000: I text the dogsitter to see if I left his passport there last weekend

1005: a woman brings in a furry tiny dog.  That dog goes nuts on Flash, Flash goes nuts.


-a very angry old man comes into the office yelling about someone having parked him in. I thought he meant right out front, and since I was across the street, I said it wasn’t me.

-Nope, he meant across the street, which I learned when the vet assistant came out because he called. I ran across the street, carrying squirmy Flash.

-The very angry old man reamed me out. I apologized profusely, told him it was my fault, I hadn’t realized it was a driveway (many are behind walls). He continued yelling as I moved the car, then continued yelling from his car.  Angry yelling sounds apocalyptic in German.

1020: Flash seen by vet. By then I was nervous, because the guy was supposed to come to fix the heater at 1100.


-I arrived home and found the heater repairman already there. Blocking my driveway. Ironic. Go down the street and turn around, motion for him, he moves up.  For obvious reasons, my cleaning lady hadn’t let him into the house.

-Alarm goes off for laundry.  Start down to basement, then remember that I need Flash’s pass to go to the Hundsitter later today.  Back upstairs.

-start tearing apart the house looking for Flash’s pass

-I see that the dogsitter texted back 15 minutes ago to say that she had it

– remember laundry (thank God; two days of wet clothes would have been bad)

– remember to put Flash’s leash in my purse so I don’t forget it for the dogsitter.  You know, like I did last weekend.

1100: call Paul to see if he was able to read the list of items that I put on each flap of the Christmas packages he was mailing today.  He claims that there was no list.  He had opened the box and just guessed on the contents.  Of wrapped presents.  I really should clue him in on what we get people for Christmas.

1105: start writing this post even though I have NO TIME TO WRITE IT.

In the next hour, Sequoia returns from school, we eat lunch, I take Flash to the Hundsitter, Paul comes home, we leave for the Netherlands. In an hour.

If you only knew what my “thus far” was like by 1000 on Wed…it involved two separate near-encounters with the police.  I can’t even.



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