Epic Der Wanderbus Road Trip Plans for July

| June 22, 2017

It’s a while since I’ve planned an epic road trip.  Next month, I’ll be hitting the road for almost a month.

Me, guys. Me.

Me, guys. Me.

In the beginning, it will be just me, along with Sequoia and the two puppies, who aren’t quite a year old yet—all in the RV.  This will be a hotter mess than usual, as I, alone, attempt to maneuver our RV, Der Wanderbus, through the Great Lakes with a ten-year-old navigator and two miniature schnauzers trying to jump up on my lap.


Getting some road practice in #DerWanderbus in preparation for the big July #roadtrip. #karilogueroadtrips #RV

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Plans include crossing into Canada, which means I had to get a notarized letter from Paul, consenting to my taking our daughter out of the country. Although the letter makes mention of our plans to cross into Canada, we noted that the consent includes but is not limited to crossing the US-Canada border.  This leaves room for me to make a wrong turn and end up in Mexico, or for me to abandon the RV in Lake Huron and fly to the Mediterranean.

Paul will join us in Minnesota, at which point we will zig-zag to Wisconsin Dells, then Omaha, and then back east. 

During the trip, we’ll lounge on lakeshores, roll the RV up onto a ferry, visit Niagara Falls, check out the tourist traps of Wisconsin Dells, attend a wedding in Omaha, eat tacos and watch dragon boat races in Bemidji, visit friends in Minneapolis, and who knows what else.  Hopefully we’ll find some dog parks along the way.  We’ll overnight in KOA campgrounds and Jellystone Parks, in Walmart and Home Depot parking lots, and at a military base if they’ve got space for us.


Paul has been showing Sequoia the ropes on helping with backing in, gassing up, etc.

And all along, I’ll be busy running a Kickstarter campaign for the Flash Series—Whaaaat?—more on that very, very soon!!!

LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/263188320/the-day-flash-couldnt-even-flash-series-of-childre

illustration by aaron parrott, the day flash couldn't even

illustration by Aaron Parrott for The Day Flash Couldn’t Even.

I’m going to avoid the hell out of city streets.

Paul told me to have roadside assistance on speed dial.  He has no faith.


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  1. Within an hour of posting to facebook, I’d added two new cities. My husband loves me. I keep telling myself.