First Hours in Luxembourg

| March 28, 2015

We embarked upon our latest road trip yesterday and arrived in Luxembourg yesterday afternoon. Here is a synopsis of our first hours in the city:

  • Circle city looking for parking
Hey, look at that wall...again

Hey, look at that wall…again

  • Circle every level of first parking garage, find no spot large enough for a crossover with a bike rack on back
  • Yell in german at garage attendant when he wants us to pay for not finding a parking spot
  • Get out without paying
This is a nice street. Again.

This is a nice street. Again.

  • Circle the city in search of parking
  • Circle new parking garage
  • Park precariously, adjust, park compromisingly
  • Roll suitcases through garage. Sequoia and I can’t figure out how to get her suitcase to stop scraping on the ground when she rolls it behind her. Paul stares, walks over, lowers the handle, walks away.
  • Find hotel, check in.
  • Discuss dinner options. Have this conversation:

Paul: I know I don’t want Italian. [Minutes later] I could go for pizza.
Me: You just said you don’t want Italian.
Paul: Pizza isn’t Italian, it’s American. It comes from Chicago.

  • Circle pedestrian areas rejecting restaurants–Sequoia if they didn’t have pizza, Paul if they looked more cosmopolitan than his tastes.
  • Have this conversation:

Sequoia: Why can’t we go to Pizza Hut?
Me: Because the only way I would set foot in a Pizza Hut is if I needed to call 911 because I was having a heart attack. And I’d probably be having the heart attack because I was at a Pizza Hut.

  • End up at a cosmopolitan, Italian restaurant.
Girl luxembourg city

She found pizza

  • Eat dinner, drink a Luxembourg Pinot noir, pass on dessert.
  • Leave with the realization that your interactions involved English, German, and French.
  • Feel no shame in leaving the cosmopolitan restaurant to go next door for McFlurries.

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