Gas Station SNAFU

| March 1, 2015

I could have done without this excitement:

We stopped for gas. Paul thought I paid. I thought Paul paid. No one had paid.

I checked my phone as we were driving down the autobahn and saw a text from Paul, telling me he was finished pumping.

Me: “I didn’t pay for gas?”
Me: “you didn’t pay?”

We began driving like maniacs (or people fleeing the scene), frantically searching for a highway exit while keeping an eye out for Polizei.

Found exit. Turned around. Frantically drove while watching for Polizei in new direction. Exited.

I breathlessly inform cashier, in suddenly fluent german, that we’d been at pump 6 and–

Cashier calls over manager–

“…And I thought my husband paid, and he thought I paid…”

Manager picks up paperwork she’s started, brings to register. She’s not happy to see that the back of my US government-issued Esso card is not signed on the back. She checks multiple forms of ID.

I leave. I tell Paul we both need to immediately sign the back of my card. “They looked at the back of your card?”




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