German musicals

| July 29, 2013

Yesterday we drove to Köln (Cologne) to see Die Schöne und Das Biest, the Disney musical.  While I found it to be phenomenal, I did notice one major difference when it came to the German versions of the English songs.  In the German soundtrack, it sounded as if, regardless of the topic of the song, the subject was actually taking over other countries.  If it was a love song, for example, someone seemed to be loving the thought of world domination.

Gaston in particular (German pronunciation GGGHHASSTÓKKHHHN, while expectorating), was keen on beginning with France and then sweeping the rest of Europe.  I’m not 100% positive, but in there with “No one fights like Gaston,” I think I heard, “No one takes over smaller nations like Gaston.”  And my German isn’t great, but when he said he was going to make Belle his frau, I swear he said he’s also taking Portugal.

Otherwise, this was a lovely musical.  I just don’t think Belle had anything to worry about; her little town was not going to stay a quiet village if Gaston had anything to say about it.


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  1. Valerie says:

    Even my German husband won’t say Ich liebe dich, because it just doesn’t sound very romantic. Germany is the language of Goethe and Wagner. Look towards those countries with – hey, fancy that – romance languages like Italian or French for some Amor.