Great Parking Option for Frankfurt Airport

| August 15, 2015

Last year while researching the options we had for parking our car at Frankfurt Main for a trip that required more luggage than we were willing to attempt to lug on the train or a shuttle, I came across Parkvia and their meet and greet services. Parkvia features services from self-park and shuttle, to valet. We prefer to pay for the convenience of curbside service.

This is how it works:

You place your reservation online at After entering your dates and times, you will get a list of options that will include parking with shuttles as well as meet and greets. You provide your outbound and return flight info, your car make/model and license plate number, and other info.

You receive confirmation via preferred methods–I get both texts and emails.  I print out a copy of the booking voucher to have on hand when dropping off the car.

On the day of your flight, you are to call when en route to the airport. You might get a call from them first. The driver will confirm your terminal and tell you where to meet him/her. For example, they might say Terminal 1, A2. Note: this will probably be in German. Some drivers speak limited English.

You drive up along the normal drop off/pickup curb and find the person waiting with a clipboard and your information.

The driver circles the car to note any issues and then fills out a contract, which you need to keep.

You pay at dropoff. Cost is determined by length of parking stay. We have paid 80E for 4-7 day stays and are currently paying 114E for a 12-day stay.

You call when you return, to ensure that the driver is on his way.

Why I pay for this convenience:

I’m right at the terminal; I don’t have to take a shuttle while lugging suitcases.  I don’t have to add a half hour to my travel time just for that, on each end of the trip.

I’m driving my own car.  I don’t have to worry about taxis forgetting or not having car seats (been there, done that).

I don’t have to look for my car in a parking lot after we return–there it is, waiting for me outside the terminal.  Win.

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