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| August 16, 2015

After learning the hard way that you should do your research when creating hashtags, I’ve been trying to research hashtags before using new ones.  Common related hashtags aside (e.g. #travel, #beautiful, #germany and other specific countries, etc.), there are some personal hashtags that I use/will be using when tagging my adventures on Twitter and Instagram.


This one, I use when I post funny/snarky pics from daily life in Germany

This is a child's kitchen set. #BecauseGermany

This is a child’s kitchen set. #BecauseGermany


Used this one during the multi-country road trip with 8 of us in a van: 4 adults, 3 kids, 1 baby




Lost my razor on first day of . It’s become .


Self-explanatory.  I am, in fact, a moron on a bike.

The best days are when I don’t crash my bike.


This tag is for everything related to “50 By 30,” my recent book.

Just a whole lot of .

#karilogueroadtrip and #roadtrippin

I use these hashtags mainly when I’m on a legit road trip, but every now and then I use them for an overnight trip if it’s to somewhere new and exciting.

road trip


Just planned Ireland road trip for October. Will be glamping in a . Can’t believe those r real words.

#SGH or #SomeguysHat (both of which I regret since #SGH brings up porn, and #SomeguysHat is also #SomeguyShat).

I use this tag for all of my travels with Some Guy’s Hat.

german hat, old hat, antique souvenir pins, koziol


SGH dragged me up another . It was .




Hashtag for September’s multi-country road trip with 3 Generations: Mom, Me, Sequoia


Will be using this during our October road trip around all of Ireland–me, husband, kid




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