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| June 7, 2013

Germany, Ja! ran another one of my write-ups, on the hike we did where we fed the deer and trekked through over 9 beautiful km of fields and hills and trees of the Odenwald.  This one, I didn’t write as a post here on my blog; however, I did place it in the hiking section of the website, so some of you might already have seen it.  This is why I’m not putting it out on fb.

I’m now listed on several expat blog rolls, trying to give people information and entertain them.  Not much to say this week–I’ve been sick as a Hund.  The neighbor can hear me cough.  She asked what the doctor said.  Not “if” I’ve gone to the doctor, but what he said.  I don’t rush to the doctor, but it seems like it’s a given here, that you’ve gone to the doctor when you’re sick.  I need to find someone to ask how it works with kids–am I expected to take Sequoia the first day she’s sick?  The second day?  Can I opt to just take care of her at home?

I love that the German word for sick is krank.  God knows I’m kranky.


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  1. Kelly says:

    I always thought krankenhaus sounded like crazy house.