Hiking the Odenwald

| August 31, 2014

Germany is perfect for walking, hiking, biking – anything you want to do on a trail.  There are trails all over the country.  There are also very few places you’re unwelcome.  I’ve yet to see a TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT sign when approaching field or forest, and it’s not because my German is beginner level.  Germans are on the move.  They’ve got their walking sticks ready.  Well, sometimes they’re just walking to the grocery store, but other times they really are heading across a pasture en route to a castle.  Germans are happy to let backpackers pass through without dialing the Polizei with the hand that’s not holding the rifle. The Odenwald is a beautiful forest region of Hesse, Bavaria, and Baden-Württemberg.  It’s filled with trees, pastures, hills, castles, and typical little German town after town.  Picturesque, as you’d want your hike to be. I recommend the following booklet for information on trails throughout the Odenwald: “Wandertouren rund um das UNESCO Weltnaturerbe Grube Messel und ze den sanften Hügeln und stillen Tälern des Odenwaldes”, available through the Odenwald Tourismus GmbH, Marktplatz 1, 64720 Michelstadt.  www.odenwald.de  I picked one up (free) at the tourism office in Michelstadt. Select the Odenwald in the Germany-Hiking drop down menu to read about specific hikes.

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