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Welcome to Karilogue.com, where the goal is to both entertain and inform. Kari tackles her experiences with a mix of her sense of adventure and her sense of dread; she’s always sure that the current adventure will be the death of her.  This blog was started in Germany, where Kari lived for 4 years as an ex-pat, and it continues now in the United States.

Kari has traveled quite a bit in her lifetime, but Germany was the first country where she was unable to communicate right off the bat, even as a multilingual. She arrived in fall of 2012 with about 5 words of German under her belt. Although one of them–Bratwurst–proved valuable, having a lot of blanks and nothing to fill them with was a daunting challenge. This gave her a new appreciation for those learning English after moving to the United States, and prompted her to put her Master’s in Linguistics and prior TESOL experience to good use.  

For information about Kari’s language services, such as TESOL and tutoring, see About Kari’s services.

the day flash couldn't even, the flash series


Kari recently released The Time Had the Best Day Ever, with illustrator Aaron Parrott.  It’s available on Amazon now.


fifty by thirty, fifty by 30, road trip book

Her other projects include 50 x 30, a travelogue that she self-published in 2014.  It is not currently available, as it is being revised into an ESL workbook.




Kari continues to wander as time allows.  Karilogue.com is filled with those adventures!  Wanna know what happened in the Everglades?  Or how about Plitvice Lakes?




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