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Thank you for your interest in partnering with or featuring Kari/Karilogue, LLC.

Kari Martindale is a writer, ESL instructor, and lover of all things language. She is also well-traveled and recently bought an RV, Der Wanderbus, to tool around America in. Her educational background includes a Master’s in Linguistics from George Mason University and various certificates and diplomas in foreign languages, linguistics, and translation. Her professional background includes translation, analysis, TESOL, and owning a small business.  She guffaws on a daily basis.

READERSHIP INTERESTS: My top 10 posts from 2014-2017 pertain to parenting, European travel, expat life/humor, and Christmas markets.  Some of the posts: Weaving, Hitting, Learning; the Fairy Tale Route with a 5-Year-Old: Keepin’ it Real; 1st Grade in Germany: A Year in Review; and 14 Things You Need to Know About European Hotels.  There is new interest from RV travelers.

Use the form below to contact me about your affiliate program or advertising to an audience of travelers, ESL learners, expats, etc.  My blog is small, but I am gaining visits each month.  In July 2017, I will be launching two endeavors (one pertaining to RV travel and another pertaining to children’s book writing) that will undoubtedly bring a spike in visitors; there will be an ESL-related launch in late summer that will draw a larger international audience.


Der Wanderbus

Please contact me if you are interested in sponsoring a specific trip.  For example, there is an upcoming RV trip available for sponsorship at any level, if your brand or product is relevant to my activities (this could include RV travel, travel with children, travel with dogs, etc.). You’ll be listed on a page of sponsors (with your logo and a link, if you choose), and you’ll get shouts out on social media when you initially sponsor, as well as throughout the trip.


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When time allows, I will consider writing guest posts for your blog.  My main contributor posts have been for Germany, Ja! in the past.  Some examples can be found here.

I will consider, but not pay for, guest blog posts about travel, ESL, foreign languages, and children’s books.  In the past, I have turned down requests if the guest blogger’s website is riddled with grammatical errors.  Contact me with your ideas!

I typically allow relevant websites to republish my blog posts.  In the past, my posts have appeared on expat and travel sites, but I am willing to consider other genres of websites that have relevance.  For a few examples, click here.  Please have the courtesy to contact me when quoting me in your posts, articles, or books (yes, someone is quoting me in an upcoming expat book!); or when using my tweets, etc.  Use the contact form below.

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I occasionally review books and will consider reviewing products relevant to my experience, e.g. travel, Germany, expat life, and language.  Please provide a copy of the publication and contact me for details on whether I will charge $10 for the reading, or do it pro bono. If I rate the book at least 3 stars, I will post to Goodreads and Amazon, and up to 3 additional places you might prefer; I will include a review on; and I will link to at least one of the reviews via social media. I will not post ratings lower than 3 stars. The last two solicited book reviews I did were 4-star reviews.  If I reject your request for a review of any product, I’m probably just not feeling it.  Please do not contact me inviting me to pay for your product at a discount and then review it.


Past invited talks include The Importance of Learning Foreign Languages; My Experiences as an Arabic Cryptolinguist, and Applying Linguistics to the Real World; and Iraq and the Iraqi Dialect.  I am not actively seeking speaking engagements, but am open to requests.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Karilogue, LLC, and I look forward to hearing from you!