Kari Martindale’s Writing Projects


And now Flash really can't even.

The Flash series of children’s books, written by Kari Martindale (that’s me) and illustrated by Aaron Parrott, is based on a real Jack Russell who has had his fair share of adventures. New information coming soon on TheFlashSeriesBooks.com.


June's Hat first cover

Based on the past two years of travels with Some Guy’s Hat (SGH), June’s Hat is the fictional story of 4 generations of women. When one retires to follow the trail of a such a hat, the two younger generations reluctantly join her. While retracing history, they learn much more than they’d intended–about family, war, marriage, and one another. This manuscript is in progress.


fifty by thirty, fifty by 30, road trip book

50 x 30 is a novel being revised into an ESL textbook.

Its original description: Almost a decade after ticking the last state off her list, Kari shared her adventures and misadventures in a humorous account of her travels throughout all fifty states, from description of the terrain to observations and debacles. The novel is filled with tales of all the fun and reluctant aspects of traveling through small towns and big cities, National Parks, campsites and hotel suites, Roadside America, highways and dirt roads. The descriptive nature of the travelogue will appeal to those who are planning their own next adventure, hitting retirement age and contemplating that RV trip, or are so terrified of public restrooms that they live vicariously through others. Those who want to know which sentence of the 9-Mile Canyon brochure would have been helpful to read before entering the canyon, will want to read Fifty By Thirty just for the laughs. Kari pokes fun everywhere, at everyone, but at no one more than herself.

little girl with a suitcase in an airport

The Repatriation Project is the working title of the manuscript I have been writing about our time as expats in Germany and the experience of repatriating. I will be focusing on my daughter’s challenges and experiences as she re-enters American culture.  This is still very much a work in progress and is not currently near completion.