| May 23, 2016

Well, the movers arrived on Friday to start packing up the house, and they’re back again this morning.  It’s stressful.

I’ve been tweeting random bits of the move under #hotmessmove


as well as the progress on spending all of my damn coins – #myloosechange – before we leave the country.

kari martindale ‎@ingermanyabroad
Just went to a flea market. #MyLooseChange is dwindling, but my shit to be packed up is increasing. #collateraldamage

Cashiers less-than-love me when I pay for 20Euro in groceries with 10c and 20c pieces. Change multiplies like rabbits in Europe because there’s nothing smaller than a 5Euro bill in paper.  There are then eight–yes, 8–coins worth 2Euro and under. I had about a million of each.  Guess what the neighbor girl is getting as an early birthday present? A jar of 5c, 2c, and 1c coins.  You’re welcome.

Okay, I've obviously saved some of these so I can really give someone my two cents.

Okay, I’ve obviously saved some of these.  More than one person will be the recipient of one in conjunction with my unsolicited advice.

Meanwhile, some of my current insta feed includes the backyard garden I’ll miss…

irises allium peonies

It’s gorgeous.

Like, seriously, I love this garden.

beautiful allium and bumblebee


I’m trying to catch up on blogging.  I am so behind.  I’ll be sitting in the humidity of South Carolina in June, blogging about the Alps.  That’ll be weird.

But this isn’t the end of our travel adventures.  We might no longer be expats, but our US travel plans through fall already include the Mid-Atlantic region, South Carolina, Florida, and Utah…and I’m adding to our plans every day.  Because I’m nuts.


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