12 Images of Normandy Today, Part One: Omaha Beach

| April 16, 2015

The Normandy region of France is today a breathtaking place, peaceful and quaint. It is hard for me to imagine what it looked like when my grandfather’s landing craft landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day–and surely 19-year-old him could never have thought, my granddaughter will visit this as a tourist destination; my great-granddaughter will run and play on these beaches.

I will post a series of photos from our March visit to the beaches, memorials, and museums in the region of Normandy.  First up: Omaha Beach

wwii american cemetery, beaches of normandy, D-Day

I can’t imagine this place amidst war

wwii american cemetery, beaches of normandy, D-Day

This bramble is a little more like what I can picture during war

beaches of normandy, D-Day, wwii american cemetery, wwii memorial

The views were beautiful from the WWII memorial American Cemetery

beaches of normandy, D-Day

The countryside was dotted with old French stone farmhouses, reminding me of some of what you see in WWII movies

wwii, church, french stone buildings

The countryside consists of tiny towns still today

road trip in france, wwii

Our road trip took us through the entire region of Normandy

normandy coastline, wwii, beaches of normandy, D-Day

Our first approach to Omaha Beach

jewish and christian graves together, star of david gravestone, beaches of normandy, D-Day

The American cemetery

boat from wwii, beaches of normandy, D-Day

an old landing craft

boat from wwii, beaches of normandy, D-Day

I could picture guys rushing off the boat

boat from wwii, beaches of normandy, D-Day

another old watercraft

little girl drawing in the sand, great-granddaughter of WWII veteran, the beaches of normandy, beaches of normandy, D-Day

A tribute to her Great-Grandfather, a veteran of D-Day who turns 90 next week.



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