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Karilogue, LLC is a small self-publisher of children’s stories.  


pink mink in a sink

Coming in January 2018: Pink Mink in a Sink.  In Parrott’s debut as author/illustrator, which one elementary school reader calls “weird-funny,” Parrott weaves a simple, silly tale in rhyme not set to conventional meter.  How did the mink get pink?  And will he get out of the sink?  Some questions are left open to interpretation, and then comes an absurd non sequitur ending that will make children giggle. Details in the photo-collage illustration will make adults giggle, as well.   




the day flash couldn't even, the flash series

The greatest impact of The Time Flash Had the Best Day Ever (Martindale, Parrott) doesn’t come from what is said, but what is not said.  The book is appreciated by educators who struggle to teach children about perspective.  A common comment is, “I know one kid in particular who needs to read this.”  One principal, after the author offered to visit kindergarten classes for a reading, said, “You could read this to all the grades.  Everyone will get something out of this.” (2017)

CCECoverNew final cover

In The Christmas Flash Couldn’t Even (Martindale, Parrott), Flash’s exasperation mounts as his unprepared family gets through Christmas Eve.  In the end, though, it’s Flash who is unprepared for what Santa has in store for him.  A tender ending encourages children to believe in the spirit of Christmas. (2017)