Late spring update

| May 28, 2014
  • 50 by Thirty book update As I continue to review comments and re-organize the book, I am going to postpone publishing the book until late summer. I want a professional editor to take a look at it after I’ve completed the edits that follow the comments I received. I do not want to put out there a product that does not tell just the right story in just the right way.


  • Some Guy’s Hat update We’ve hit four spots on the hat


We have reservations for another 13 cities and sites in Germany, Austria and Italy; are working on reservations in one city and another site in Austria; and are trying to determine how and where we will hit the violin and sunglasses.  In other words, SGH is on the move.  The hat is out of its case more, finally taking some hikes and getting the fresh air it no doubt got 50-60 years ago, and I can just feel the sweat of my brow mingling with the half-century-old sweat of Some Guy on this stuffy felt hat with a leather band inside.



  • In Germany, A Broad- I continue to blog my adventures in Germany, including such absurdities as my daughter’s new unicycling hobby.  Occasionally a post will be republished by or Germany, Ja! (or I’ll write an original piece for Germany, Ja!) but mostly I just keep bumbling around Germany looking for enough fun to entertain me but keep me out of jail.

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