Martinsmarkt: the Most Festive You’ll Feel in November

| November 8, 2014

Why should you head to Martinsmarkt?  Because it’s awesome! Dieburg’s medieval town fest kicks off the Glühwein season every November around Martinstag. The streets fill with kiosks of decorations, baskets, pottery, scarves, jewelry, wool socks…and Glühwein, Bratwurst, crepes, Flammkuchen, and cookies. Not to mention, a medieval market of leather goods, metalworks, soaps and other natural products, tapestries, medieval clothing, and more; as well as fire performers, song and dance, and medieval games for the kids…  Rides also keep the kiddos busy. The town is brimming with festive cheer!

Here are some photos to convince you to come on out!

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 fest fachwerk

Markets line the streets

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014

The Marktplatz is filled with fun

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 medieval market cookies carnival stand

Festival gingerbread cookies!

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 fest fachwerk

Shops are open longer hours (and on Sunday!)

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 medieval rope ladder game

Crazy games like this climb-the-rope-ladder challenge

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 drinking gleuwein gluhwein festival


dieburg martinsmarkt 2014

Street after street of fair wares

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014

Down comforter and pillow sellers bring their geese!

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 eating bratwurst

Did I mention the Bratwurst?

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 eating cotton candy

Who doesn’t love cotton candy?

colorful fall leaves dieburg tiny door wall

Enjoy the fall colors of Dieburg

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 rides

Carousels large and small


Views from the ferris wheel

medieval market

A Medieval Market in front of the Schloss

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 medieval market

Medieval clothing for sale with one of Dieburg’s towers in the background

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 medieval market


dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 medieval market game

More medieval games

medieval market dieburg martinsmarkt

Both medieval and modern Performers

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 coinmaker

Pressing Dieburg Martinsmarkt coins on the spot


dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 schlossgarten

Flammkuchen, candy, nuts, hot drinks, beer, and more…

dieburg martinsmarkt 2014 eating a crepe fest


Um, is that Mickey doing balloon art??

Um, is that Mickey doing balloon art??  It sure is!

There’s no place I’d rather be this weekend than Dieburg.  Only one day left!


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