Molly the Mutt that Matches the Hat

| May 25, 2014

My husband prolifically summed me up yesterday: “There is a disconnect somewhere in your brain. You are embarrassed when you have to discipline your child in public, but you think nothing of asking a German stranger if you can take a picture of their dog…wearing your hat.”

We were dining atop a hill overlooking castles of the Rhein Valley, just above the town of Sankt Goarshausen–another stop on Some Guy’s Hat.  A family joined us at our table, along with their dog, whose fur was an identical match for Some Guy’s Hat. It would not surprise me if she were the third generation offspring to the actual inspiration for the material of the hat.

Here is Some Hat’s Dog:

Some hat's dog.


SGH could be either a drinking hat or a hiking hat, so we did a bit of both this weekend.  Here we are on a St. Goarshausen trail that included 400 steps down, 400 steps up, wine on a terrace, and…a bob luge?  As well as a statue representing despair, most likely related to my inability to locate a WC


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