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| November 20, 2014

I haven’t been doing a lot of writing this week, but I’ve been doing all kinds of planning. Here is just some of my upcoming travel…


german christmas market cookie booth

  • Of course we start with Christmas markets, just a week away.  I’ve already laid out this year’s lineup here.  Christmas markets will consume my days throughout the Advent season.
  • I’ve been making dinner and activity reservations for Salzburg, where we’ll be spending some time over New Year’s.
  • After we return from Salzburg, we’ll head down to Garmisch for a few days, to the military ski resort Edelweiss. Sequoia will take ski lessons and Paul will likely snowboard. I’ll tool around the area, as Garmisch happens to be a pin on Some Guy’s Hat.
ski lessons in the austrian alps mountains children

Hopefully she doesn’t spend the whole time on the ground like during her first lesson in Austria, Feb 2013

From there, we’ll drive to Cortina, Italy. Sequoia will take some more ski lessons, Paul will snowboard, and I will get massages and explore the area, as Cortina is also a pin on SGH.

cortina antique souvenir olympic pin

I don’t think Sequoia is heading to the Olympics.

  • In the early months of the new year, we have one reservation for a weekend in Liechtenstein. Otherwise, February will be quite busy with Fasching/Karneval goings-on.



  • When Easter break arrives, it’s time for…another road and bike trip. (Whaaaaaaaat?)

Our main destination is the coast of Normandy. We would like to visit the D-Day sites and memorials; to see where my grandfather landed during the war. We’ll explore the region by bike. Sequoia will most likely prefer the sand to the cemeteries.

To get to Normandy, we’ll drive out via Luxembourg and return via Belgium.

Instead of going through a tour company like we did when we biked a loop of the Bodensee, we are doing this on our own, carrying on our bikes everything we need for the 4 days. We’ll stay at B&B’s in the region.

Here’s the loop we will bike, between Omaha Beach and Utah Beach:



  • I am still in the process of making our early summer reservations, but so far we have a weekend in Poland (a new country for 40X40 and a Polish pottery shopping trip); and a long weekend in Switzerland, to hit two more sites on SGH.

antique souvenir pin tellsplatte switzerland swissantique souvenir pin einsedeln switzerland

  • As for mid-summer plans, I am waiting on news of who will or won’t be accompanying my stepdaughter when she visits.
  • So we come now to late summer, which is when we’re going on…
walt disney cruise family photo mickey and minnie mouse

Because once wasn’t enough.

A Disney Cruise. Because I’m nuts. I don’t know if Disney implanted me with some kind of device that compels me to make an annual trip to one of their locations, or what. Ever since our first Disney Cruise in the Caribbean in 2010, we haven’t gone a year without some sort of Disney visit. In 2011, we spent Christmas in Disneyworld. In 2012, Sequoia and I spent 3 days at the Animal Kingdom lodge with my aunt. In 2013, when Sequoia and I were just passing through the area, we popped in for some character dining. This past January 2014, we spent a few days at Disneyworld. And now, new Disney plans for 2015. I went my entire life without a single Disney visit until I had a three-year-old, and then it was all over.

Which Disney cruise have we chosen? The Med. First we’ll spend a few days in Barcelona, then we’ll set sail for Italy. We chose this cruise specifically for its Pompeii excursion. I’ve wanted to see Pompeii my whole life.

FALL 2015

The rest of my time is being spent looking at Baltic train trips (what a way to knock out some countries) and planning a potential itinerary for my aunt next fall.

And damn if I don’t already need to look into reservations for next year’s Christmas markets…



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