My Favorite Costumes in Dieburg’s Fasching Parade, 2015

| February 21, 2015

Fasching is over. All the hard work that the groups put into creating their costumes was obvious. As always, we continue to be impressed that costumes are sewn, and floats constructed, by each individual group.

Here are my picks for the most memorable groups this year (but in no particular order)…


Okay, this isn’t just because I love McDonald’s fries. These guys looked great. They were preceded by a bottle of ketchup float. And now I’m hungry.

mcdonalds costumes



That’s right: Big Bang Theory made it to a small-town German Karneval parade.

big bang theory, sheldon



These guys made their presence known as they marched down the street, playing manly Viking drums. The beat is still in my head.

karneval dieburg fasching vikings



This group knows how to make a float. Last year‘s Steampunk float was awesome, and they did not disappoint this year with their cobra and platform for their princesses.

cobrakarneval dieburg fasching cobra float



These pirates could have been right out of the movies. They had one of the highest-quality costumes in the parade.  My best pictures had kids in them, so I am just posting this one. You can still see the quality in this pic. Look for them in the Pirates of the Caribbean’s next sequel.

karneval dieburg fasching pirate costume



I’m a sucker for the nostalgic groups. Last year‘s Ghostbusters group was a definite favorite. This year, a group of Flintstones stomped down the street.

yabba dabba do, fred flintstone costumes



I loved this simple but well done concept, putting everyone’s face on the front page.

cool costumes, newspaper costume



It’s no secret: I can’t get enough of the marching bands. And fortunately, there are bands scattered throughout the parade. Some wear the same traditional costume they wear for parades, whereas others put on such costumes as clowns and angels. There were at least a half a dozen bands, some of which marched in awesome little formations, given the narrow streets they’re working with.

karneval dieburg fasching marching bandkarneval dieburg fasching angel marching band



There was more than one group dressed as slices of cake, but these guys “layered” the slices with Dieburg Fasching colors. Very nice.  And now I’m hungrier.

karneval dieburg fasching pie costume



Seriously, this guy embodies the fun hippie spirit, doesn’t he? There was another group of hippies (with afros), but they didn’t quite meet this level of enthusiasm. Peace, Love, and Dieburg!

karneval dieburg fasching hippies



These ladies looked great–I didn’t recognize them at first, and I know both of them!

karneval dieburg fasching old lady costume



Okay, maybe I just like watching people wear big costumes that make them look like they’re riding something down the street.  This year, two groups stick out (ha, like really stick out) –

karneval dieburg fasching


flamingo costumes dieburg fasching karneval parade




This mascot gets me every time.

karneval dieburg fasching float


For last year’s picks for Most Noteworthy costumes, see here!




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