Retro fun at the Koziol Museum

| July 3, 2013


While entertaining Heather, Dave and Sophia (and itching to get out on yet another rainy day), we ventured into Michelstadt.  As we passed the factory outlet and museum for Koziol, which I’ve ignored on several occasions, Heather and I wondered what it could be.  Our questions were answered at the tourist center, where I learned that the Koziol museum travels back in time through the company’s history.  Brochures showed a very colorful museum and the Koziol products looked pretty nifty, so we decided to check it out after lunch.

KoziolAs is common, the kids get a card to stamp while making their way through the exhibits; a completed card earned Sequoia and Sophia plastic tops at the end of their journey.  So off we went into the time tunnel…

Koziol originally manufactured jewelry out of ivory, then began manufacturing items out of plastic.  They produced souvenir pins and snow globes (in fact, becoming one of the world’s top producers of snow globes).  Today, they manufacture cute and cleverly-designed household items, e.g. spatulas designed with faces in them, which hang from suction cup hooks that look like tongues sticking through the mouths.  Granted, sometimes they get so clever that they attract lawsuits from Apple.

IMG_0189IMG_0201Paul and Sequoia both tried their hand at the presses, but Sequoia and I most enjoyed choosing number/letter combinations to change the products coming around the conveyer belt.

photo-2Soon, Sequoia and I were caught speeding as we steered a punchbuggy at (allegedly) excessive speeds.  Damn cameras.

After taking a peek over the shop floor, we walked up and down the outlet store’s aisles of fun kitchen utensils, bath accessories, and other household items.  I picked up a souvenir vase (how could you not, from a former souvenir manufacturer?), an umbrella for our rainy weekend, and some other miscellaneous items that I didn’t know I needed until I got there.

Total win.

(For those interested:  located at Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 90 64711 Erbach / Telefon: +49 (0) 6062 604 325)

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