Schloss Johannisburg: Post-War Reconstruction at its Finest

| September 22, 2014

aschaffenburg schloss johannisburg

Schloss Johannisburg, erected in the early 1600’s, overlooks the river Main from its place in a small hook at the tip of Bavaria, in the city of Aschaffenburg.  It was nearly destroyed in WWII, but has since been magnificently restored.  Inside the museum, you can check out models, photographs, and sketches of the palace in its different states.


The River Main

The River Main from the castle grounds

Red sandstone construction

Red sandstone construction

Touring the palace is like visiting an art museum, but with unique exhibits such as ecclesiastical vestments from the Mainz Cathedral.


Oddly enough, the palace houses the world’s largest collection of cork architectural models.  These reproductions of ancient Roman buildings such as the Colosseum are probably one of the only exhibits that would interest a child.

aschaffenburg schloss johannisburg cork models

(Well, mildly interest a child)

Outside of the palace are gardens, and stairs down to the river.

aschaffenburg schloss johannisburg aschaffenburg schloss johannisburg gardens

Just down the stairs and to the left is a fun little playground on the river.

aschaffenburg schloss johannisburg

aschaffenburg playground

You can hold events at the palace.  During our first visit, we caught some of a photographer’s session with a bride and groom.aschaffenburg schloss johannisburg wedding

Aschaffenburg itself is a quaint city with plenty of restaurants, a brewery, and other sites.



I personally recommend visiting the palace and walking around in the courtyard (a great place for bored kids to run around), but only touring if you have keen interest in palace interiors, art, or odd cork models.aschaffenburg schloss johannisburg

Spend that energy...

Spend that energy…

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