ESL Services (TESOL)

Teaching philosophy: My role as a teacher is to provide an enthusiastic, interactive learning experience that adapts to the needs of the student, welcoming mistakes as learning tools and fostering lifelong language development.

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I have lived abroad, in a country to which I moved without knowing the language. I know how hard it is. I know what it is like to not be understood. I know what it is like to be unable to express yourself. I know how embarrassing it can be to use the wrong word. I know what it is like to understand a concept but be unable to explain it. I know what it is like to feel “dumb” in a foreign language. I know what it is like to watch your child struggle as they encounter a new language.

Let me help you move beyond those feelings and obstacles, making you more confident and comfortable in your surroundings–at home, work, or school.


I am a native speaker of English, with a Master’s Degree in Linguistics.  I am available to perform ESL classes for all ages and levels of English learners, via Skype or in person in the Frederick, MD region.

I will work with students, employers, and parents to tailor classes to students’ individual needs. My focus is on conversation, writing, and grammar. My fluency in and familiarity with other languages–Latin-based, Germanic, and Semitic–along with my graduate and undergraduate education in Linguistics, give me insight into why a speaker is making their specific errors. Lessons will address students’ weaknesses, which will be continually evaluated.

For students in any level of schooling, I will assist with English assignments.

Pricing: $35/hour.  Discounts available for small groups and/or siblings; other discounts, including need-based, may apply at my discretion.


I will come to your business in the region from Frederick to Gaithersburg, to teach groups of students. Prices negotiable, but will generally run $40-60/hour for classes of 3-15 students.


Recent feedback from tutoring via Verbling, where Kari’s rating is 5 stars, includes:

  • This was the most fun grammar lesson I’ve ever had – in fact it’s the only fun grammar lesson I’ve ever had (I hated grammar in school). I look forward to our next lesson, and I will read a lot in my grammar book until then! (2017 – Swedish adult learner)
  • Time and time again I notice how Kari is helping my little sister get better with her english. My sister enjoys the lessons and I see her making progress every week. Looking forward to many more lessons! (2017 – German teenage student)
  • I can tell that Kari is a linguist, she’s really amazing at pinpointing all these small mistakes I make when I speak – what makes my accent sound Swedish. I will take more lessons with her because this is really fascinating! (2017 – same Swedish adult learner)
  • Excelente, profesional y amigable. Refleja confianza y seguridad. Fue una experiencia muy agradable. (2017 – Puerto Rican adult learner)


Kari is passionate about language, and loves to share that passion with others.  She is adjunct faculty at Frederick Community College (Frederick, MD), is a Crown Worldwide language trainer for relocation clients, and teaches at the International Language Institute (Gaithersburg, MD).  Her education includes a Master’s in Linguistics from George Mason University, as well as various levels of education and training in linguistics, foreign languages, translation/interpretation, and TESOL coursework. She is a former translator and interpreter, editor, and small business owner; her experience in TESOL spans more than two decades.

Current and Recent Affiliations

Member, TESOL International Association, since 2016

Member, Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, since 2016

Member, Foreign Language Advocacy for Grade Schools, since 2010

Member, MENSA (Metropolitan Washington Mensa), since 2009


Member, American Association of Teachers of Arabic, 2003-2012

Member, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, 2006-2012

Member, American Dialect Society, 2010-2012

Student Member, Linguistic Society of America, 2009-2012

Member, Middle East Studies Association, 2004-2009

Member, National Council on Less Commonly Taught Languages, 2006-2012

Student Member, National Museum for Language, 2010-2012

Corporate Member, Association of Language Companies, 2006-2007

Associate Member, American Translators Association, 2006-2009

Corporate Member, Northern California Translators Association, 2006-2007