Translation Services

Karilogue, LLC is not currently accepting translation requests.


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Important notes

I am a very contextual translator. That means that you will be getting a translation that maintains the integrity of the context, tone, and intent of the original text, but is not word-for-word.  In other words, I directly translate everything but will take literary license when direct translation will not convey the correct tone.

I do not accept medical, contractual, or highly-technical translation jobs.

I reserve the right to reject translation requests for any reason. Reasons include, but are not limited to, significant unfamiliarity with the subject, length of text, or time constraints.


In all cases, I will look at the piece and accept the job only if it meets my current capabilities. I do not charge to review the piece.

Minimum charge for any language: $5.

Rush surcharge: base + 10%

A rush job is defined as a project due same-day regardless of length; or a project over 2500 words that is due in less than 48 hours.

Weekend and holiday* surcharge: base + 10%

*National holidays in the US and state holidays in Maryland.

Discounts: I sometimes give discounts to non-profit organizations, community outreach, and start-ups. However, this discount is at my discretion.

Currently, I am accepting only Spanish > English written translation jobs.  However, below is my full language and translation background:


English is my native language.  I grew up in Pennsylvania, and then as an adult lived in California, Texas, Maryland, and Virginia.

Relevant education: M.A. in English with a concentration in Linguistics, George Mason University

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Relevant experience:

During my three years working for a foreign exchange student business, duties included teaching English to Spanish-speaking exchange students, translating written correspondence between Spanish and English, interpreting brief telephonic exchanges, and delivering briefings alternating between Spanish and English.

During my two years with Northrop Grumman, I translated technical manuals between Spanish and Arabic and conducted live three-way interpretation between Arabic, Spanish, and English.

Previous Spanish tutor for high school student in Williamsburg, PA, as well as Defense Language Institute students.

Relevant education: While working for the Department of Defense, I scored an ILR 3-Level written translation each time tested; at the time, tests scored only to Level 3.  Upper-level undergraduate courses while majoring in Spanish, Millersville University; Summer intensive Spanish, Lebanon Valley College.

Relevant affiliations: American Translators Association (2006-2009).


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*I am no longer offering live interpretation services, or English > Arabic translation services.  I do not plan to maintain those skills.

Relevant experience:

During four years of running a government contracting business, I performed as an ILR Level-4 Arabic translator, interpreter, and analyst. My primary responsibility was quality control of government documents, editing the work of junior translators. I also translated and gisted handwritten and typewritten documents. I composed Arabic-English translation tests for US government, administered and evaluated government translation tests for US government, administered and evaluated government translation exams, and conducted oral proficiency interviews of Arabic speakers of English as a second/foreign language. I composed instruction materials in Arabic for training initiatives. I escorted official foreign delegations, communicating primarily in Arabic. I have traveled throughout the Middle East. 

I held a one-semester online Arabic to English translation course, and was a guest speaker for “Iraq and the Iraqi dialect” and “My experiences as an Arabic crypto linguist, and applying linguistics to the real world.”

During two years of working as an operations researcher for Northrop Grumman, I performed live interpretation and translation. Some situations required specialized medical, military, psychological, and biographical vocabulary sets. I translated technical manuals between Spanish and Arabic and conducted live three-way interpretation between Arabic, Spanish, and English. I taught English to Iraqi speakers. During my two years with the Department of Defense, I translated and reported Arabic to English translations. I also organized an Arabic grammar clinic.  During my schooling, I was an Arabic tutor at the Defense Language Institute.

Relevant education:

B.S. in Liberal Studies, concentration: Arabic, Excelsior College; Diploma, Arabic, the Defense Language Institute; Translation courses from the Department of Defense and other governmental entities; Summer intensive Arabic, Brigham Young University.

Relevant affiliations: American Association of Teachers of Arabic (2003-2012), Middle East Studies Association (2004-2009), National Council on Less Commonly Taught Languages (2006-2012), American Translators Association (2996-2009).




I have not acquired German to the level of translation or live interpretation.  I do not plan to acquire those skills.

Relevant experience: Four years living in Germany. 

Relevant education: A1, A2, B1 levels of German as a foreign Language at Kreisvolkshochschule Darmstadt-Dieburg during my first year in-country, followed by two more years in-country.


Additional relevant education: M.A., English with a concentration in Linguistics, George Mason University.

Additional relevant affiliations: National Museum for Language (2010-2012), Foreign Language Advocacy for Grade Schools (2010-2012), Association of Language Companies (2006-2007), Northern California Translators Association (2006-2007).

Formerly held TS/SCI with Full Scope/Lifestyle/Counterintelligence Polygraph, maintained for over a decade.

Have visited over 35 countries, communicating in my L2, L3, and L4 (in addition to tourist-level language use in other relevant languages, such as French and Italian).