So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

| May 16, 2015

As we pulled up to our Boleslawiec hotel after spending the day in Wroclaw, we were impressed by the beautiful antique auto sitting by the steps of the half of the hotel where our room sits. When we got into our room, we could both hear and feel the music directly below us.

Hotel garden boleslawiec

At first, this was entertaining. I’ll admit to doing the chicken dance above them. I’ll admit to belting out some love songs. I’ll admit to finding it hilarious to hear a Polish wedding singer tackle All About That Bass.

But when it’s 9:30 and your kid isn’t even close to being able to sleep, the wedding below your feet is no longer entertaining.

Earlier tonight while it was still light out, we watched the second half of the Sound of Music, which we’d started earlier in this trip. We had to watch it on the laptop’s loudest setting; Julie Andrews accompanied by the Polish wedding singer: that’s a new one.

When Paul went down to the front desk to get a handle on the noise situation, he didn’t make a lot of headway with the first shrugging employee. Then they showed Paul a new room that would be quieter. Paul reported back to me: we could move or, Paul suggested, leave.

As we packed up to leave the hotel at the last minute, it occurred to me that, were we in the position of the Von Trapp family, we would have had no problem fleeing the country within minutes.

And so here we are, starting the drive home at 10:00pm.

God knows: if we’d spent the night, we would not have awakened to coffee. Or crepes.



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