Spooky Burg Frankenstein

| October 3, 2014

Are you looking for some spook as Halloween approaches?  Everyone has heard of Frankenstein’s monster.  Well, just south of Darmstadt, Germany sits Burg Frankenstein (“Frankenstein’s castle”).  The castle boasts connections with Mary Shelley.  Whether these alleged connections to the castle are true or not, some of the links are verifiable: 1) Shelley was the stepdaughter of the woman who translated the legendary Brothers Grimm fairy tales into English, and more importantly 2)  a creepy alchemist named Johann Konrad Dippel occupied the castle, where he performed experiments on animals – and possibly (duh-duh-DUH!) human body parts while endeavoring to create the elixir of life.

We showed up as a last-minute idea one spooky, cold and foggy day–the best time for a visit!

frankenstein's castle

These certainly are not large, intact ruins.  Although a tower and (haunted?) chapel remain intact/restored, they are accompanied by mostly parts of walls.

frankenstein's castle


There is a restaurant at the Burg, as well as hiking and mountain biking trails around the area.  A visitor’s parking lot is located up a winding road, just below the castle.  My personal recommendation: check it out if you’re in the area, maybe drive a little further if your visit will coincide with Halloween.  Their annual Halloweenfest is infamous for being terrifying.  If you dare.

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