Summer Update

| August 2, 2014

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about what I’ve been up to, so here goes:


I am nearly finished changing the format of Fifty by Thirty, combining the already-finished story with newly-inserted travel tips. The plan is still to publish when summer ends.



Recently, SGH returned to St. Goar and Rüdesheim to do more research about the areas. In Rüdesheim, Some Guy’s Hat found Some Other Guy’s Hat. Unfortunately, the store clerk did not want to discuss the hat further than to tell me it was not for sale.

This week we spent a few days in Ulm to visit the world’s tallest church spire while sleeping in the world’s most crooked hotel. Details of the steeple climb can be found here.

In August, we will hit a total of (8) pin sites, (6) of which will be on one single road trip.

In September, we might or might not hit one, as the event on the pin (Löwenstein’s Bockrenner) conflicts with an event here in Dieburg, the Dreieckrenner. The races are vastly different but equally exciting-looking.

October will bring two trips, (2) pin sites each. November, (1) pin site, December (1) site, and in January (1) site.

I think my math is right!


I continue to blog as often as possible, although current travel has delayed some posts. Recent updates include a London trip and the Top 9 Crazy German Festival Rides You Couldn’t Pay Me to Go on.


I continue to write for Germany, Ja!, including recent travel advice about the Paris Pass.  At the end of May, also published one of my past blog entries.


My husband continues to tolerate all of the above.  I should probably thank him.

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