They All Slept Together in a Little Crooked Haus: The Crooked Hotel – Schiefes Haus – of Ulm, Germany

| September 18, 2014

Not too long ago, we visited Ulm in order to climb the spiral staircase of Münster cathedral.  We would need some rest after climbing round and round, so booking a crooked hotel seemed fit.  crooked hotel schiefes haus

In Fishermen’s Quarter (Fischerviertel), just steps away from restaurants, shops, and a bit of an artsy-fartsy vibe, the centuries-old Schiefes Haus leans into the river Blau.

crooked hotel schiefes haus ulm

This is no ordinary crooked house: Guinness has recognized its distinction as the World’s Most Crooked Hotel.

crooked hotel schiefes haus ulm

The room’s well-preserved Fachwerk stood at times behind plexiglass, which protected it while still allowing guests to see the craftsmanship of this unique hotel.

crooked hotel ulm


The bathroom, with its shower/tub situated in the corner, was not dizzying; in fact, it was quite relaxing after climbing that spiral staircase.  Are the rooms crooked?  Does it seem as crooked on the inside as out?  Pretty much.  Crooked and, at times, miniature.


And he ain't tall

And he ain’t tall

But a lever inside the headboard reassures guests that the furniture alterations are legit.

schiefes haus crooked hotel ulm

Not that the bed would stop you from sliding into the river…

crooked hotel schiefes haus ulm

Fans of geocaching will be well situated, as the hotel sits right across the street from a geocaching shop–one of our views from the room.  You can pop in after enjoying the hotel’s ample breakfast buffet.crooked hotel schiefes haus

view from crooked hotel schiefes haus

View from another window in the hotel room


The gist: I recommend (unless, perhaps you have vertigo)


Schwörhausgasse 6
89073 Ulm


+49 731 967930

 Looking for a hotel in Ulm?



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