Tiptoe Through the Tulip Fields

| February 26, 2015

As spring rapidly approaches, this is a great time to plan a trip to the Netherlands to see the Dutch tulip fields, stretching across the farmland and inside Keukenhof Gardens.  The colorful fields can be found around Keukenhof, up in Haarlem, down in Sassenheim, and scattered throughout the region. Here are some beautiful pictures to entice you!

red tulips

The best way to view the tulip fields is to wander the region by bike or by car.  These tulip fields lay about 20 minutes from Keukenhof Gardens

daffodil fields, daffodil gardens

There are fields of hyacinth, daffodils, tulips, and other bulb flowers. These daffodils were still in bloom during our March trip.

But most daffodils were finished blooming.  The garden rows remained beautiful!

But most daffodils were finished blooming. No matter, row after row remained beautiful and gave off a lovely scent!

We biked around the region.

We biked around the region, riding alongside the fields.

yellow tulips, striped tulips

The tulip fields are gardened by farmers who grow the flowers for their bulbs, which they sell.  Bulbs were for sale around the area.

pink tulips

The fields were filled with the most beautiful specimens!

yellow tulips, yellow fields

Just outside of Keukenhof were large fields of yellow and red tulips.

These fields were right outside of Keukenhof Gardens.

These colorful fields bordered Keukenhof Gardens.

keukenhof gardens, tulips, gardening

Inside the gardens were row after row of tulips and other beautiful flowers, some in patterns and others in rows.

coordinating flowers, gardening, purple flowers, hyacinth

The gardens were filled with sweet-smelling hyacinth.

purple tulips, coordinating flowers, gardening

Some colors blended softly.

keukenhof gardens, orange and purple tulips, orange tulips, purple tulips, contrasting flowers, coordinating flowers, gardening

Others contrasted beautifully.

orange flowers, orange tulips, keukenhof gardens, haarlem, gardening

I loved the orange!

fish sculptures, keukenhof gardens, giant fish

But Keukenhof was not just a place for tulips.  The garden was filled with sculptures…


including fun and interesting ones that the kids enjoy…

pond, stepping stones, lake paths

…as they tried not to fall in the water while passing folks on the stepping stones.

there was a petting zoo...

There was a petting zoo…

There was a fun playground and a great ladder for the kids to cross...

and there was a fun playground and a great ladder for the kids to cross…

cotton candy

Also: cotton candy.

stand out in a crowd, yellow tulip, purple tulips

Don’t be afraid to be the yellow flower!

It’s a gorgeous trip, especially worth making if you love gardening.  Keukenhof Gardens open on 20 March this season.  There’s enough for the kids to do that they won’t whine the whole time you’re trying to enjoy the gardens.  Don’t just visit Keukenhof, though–wander the region!



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