Too Much Fun at a Wax Museum: Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam

| July 12, 2015

While walking around Amsterdam, we were looking to distract Sequoia from wanting to go to the Dungeon (I don’t know why–we eventually caved and took her there).  Paul suggested Madame Tussauds. Typically I find wax museums terrifying, seeing as one of these days a live person is going to reach out and strangle me. However, I figured it was unlikely that celebrities would be posing as wax figures and hanging out there just for the opportunity to strangle me. I also figured Sequoia might be impressed at how real they all looked. Little did I know, this would be the most interactive museum I’ve visited in a while.

The wax figures are well-done, some looking quite real. Meanwhile, the museum wasn’t filled with ropes and “HANDS OFF!” signs. Exhibits invited you not only to take photos with your favorite celebrity, but often to interact with the whole exhibit. Here are a few shots from our visit…

ET, et on bike

This would be the best exhibit at any museum, ever.  The only thing that would be better: the full cast of Goonies (Dear Madame Tussauds, GOONIES PLEASE.  Sincerely, Kari.)

madame tussauds wax museum amsterdam marilyn monroe

The fan was actually blowing up from the floor. I wish I’d been wearing a skirt.

madame tussauds wax museum amsterdam bob marley

This is appropriate.

jennifer lopez

Comparing junk.

madame tussauds wax museum amsterdam george clooney

I’m pretty sure I thought I was having an actual conversation with Mr. Clooney.

madame tussauds wax museum amsterdam president barack obama

Believe me: the President would have been laughing at me in real life.

german chancellor

“Thank you, Angela, I’ll take it from here.”

madame tussauds wax museum amsterdam spiderman

Being rescued.

madame tussauds wax museum amsterdam michael jackson

My Moonwalk is nowhere as exciting as the guy before me grabbing his crotch and dancing.

madame tussauds wax museum amsterdam justin bieber

Um. How did he get in there?

madame tussauds wax museum amsterdam charlie chaplin

In the Charlie Chaplin exhibit, you could act along to a silent film. Unfortunately, the emails of the videos never made it to us. I would have loved to have seen mine.

elvis wax figure, elvis presley

Paul had to make me stop gyrating so that the photo would turn out.

madame tussauds wax museum amsterdam window

Great view from the museum window!

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