Top 5 Best/Worst Things About My First Bike Ride

| July 22, 2013

Yesterday I rode a very wobbly 5.5K on my new bike.  My first bike ride in 25 years.  Here are the Top 5 Best and Worst things about that ride:

Top 5 BEST things about my first bike ride

  1. I did not crash
  2. I did not die
  3. I did not shit myself
  4. Did I say 5?  I lied.  That’s it: I did not crash, die, or shit my pants.

Top 5 WORST things about my first bike ride

  1. Getting onto the bike
  2. Starting to pedal the bike
  3. Wobbling on the bike
  4. Nearly crashing into an old man
  5. Being smacked by bushes that weren’t trimmed back from the path
  6. Being smacked by bushes because I was not staying on the path
  7. Did I say 5?  I LIED.  THERE ARE MORE
  8. Slowing down, speeding up, and/or maintaining the same speed
  9. Unpaved roads
  10. Paved ones, too
  11. Cars passing me
  12. Oncoming cars
  13. Parked cars
  14. Bumps
  15. Holes
  16. Bugs flying in my face
  17. Dandelion wishies flying in my face
  18. Angels flying by en route to the Pearly Gates with my welcome basket
  19. The sound of another biker’s bell behind me
  20. Realizing that biker is my 6-year-old passing me

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Kari Martindale is a writer and ESL instructor. She’s visited all 50 states and 37 countries, including many of the big cities of Europe and a ton of Christmas Markets. She spends her days straddling the fence between a sense of adventure and a sense of dread. She is married to what is clearly a patient man and has a daughter who, frustratingly, is just like her. Her academic and professional backgrounds are in linguistics and foreign languages. When she's not teaching ESL, she's writing. When she's not writing, she's thinking about her next trip.

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  1. You’ll really need a beer and bratwurst afterward. Actually, my muscles don’t hurt–just the lady bones.

  2. I will be taking my first bike ride in almost as many years soon. I did, finally, get a bike, but I´ve been well, not really reminding my husband we need to adjust the seat……the longer I can put this off the better. But well done!

  3. T-ma says:

    You will hurt today