Top 7 Ways an Ex-Pat in Germany Recognizes the World Cup is Happening

| June 16, 2014
  1. The 80-year-old neighbor lady raises the German flag a week out.
  2. Your first grader didn’t have regular classes the day after the World Cup opened–The entire school walked to a Fußball field and held their own World Cup.
  3. Your daughter was given a collector’s tin of World Cup player cards for her birthday and she’s coveting them.
  4. It’s the day of the Germany game, and Germany flags are now ev-very-where. Multiple ones are standing by the butcher’s door.
  5. About twenty minutes before the Germany game started, a 60-year-old man rode down the street on his bike…wearing face paint.
  6. That’s the last time you saw anyone in the streets.
  7. But you can hear when a goal is scored from anywhere in the house or yard, coming from the North, East, West, or South of town.

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Kari Martindale is a writer and ESL instructor. She’s visited all 50 states and 37 countries, including many of the big cities of Europe and a ton of Christmas Markets. She spends her days straddling the fence between a sense of adventure and a sense of dread. She is married to what is clearly a patient man and has a daughter who, frustratingly, is just like her. Her academic and professional backgrounds are in linguistics and foreign languages. When she's not teaching ESL, she's writing. When she's not writing, she's thinking about her next trip.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Hahaha – I have to say I have NEVER heard my neighbours once since moving in here until the WM and now every time a goal is scored I can hear the shouts – hilarious :)

    • Yeah, my husband paused the game for dinner and I made him eat in front of the TV bc too much yelling was going on in the vicinity–you have to watch real time!

      And then you get all the horns honking. It’s awesome.

  2. Jacki Reese says:

    It’s kindof scary in Italy during a match — it’s so quiet, and if there’s one thing Italy usually isn’t, is quiet.

  3. Jacki Reese says: