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| July 9, 2015

In case there was any doubt that 50 By 30 would be a fun read, here’s a preview of the chapter titles to whet your appetite.  The Kindle release is less than 2 weeks away–pre-order your copy now!

Chapter One:  The Miracle Meat

Chapter Two:  Me and My Pit Bull and National Parks

Chapter Three:  Alaskan Shampoo is the Devil

Chapter Four:  Mormons, the Brain Injury, and Pie

Chapter Five:  The Scat Cat, and Other Problems in Texas

Chapter Six:  An Airport, a Road Trip, a High Score on Yahtzee

Chapter Seven:  This Book Is Not All About PA, but This Chapter Is

Chapter Eight:  Death, the South, and Places Where Things Just Happen

Chapter Nine:  A Cat, a Prune Farm, and a Tuna Band

Chapter Ten:  Another Sign I Really Should Have Read

Chapter Eleven:  The Very Last State



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