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| July 16, 2015

Summer is in full swing and the house is a-hoppin. Sequoia still has a week of school remaining, but today we get visitors through the weekend: a friend and her two daughters, around Sequoia’s age. We’ll stick around the region, making sure to fit a festival and some castles in there.  After next week, our travel plans explode.  Here’s a taste of what’s coming, and some of the ways you can follow the action:

First up…

Soon, we get the Joneses, a family of 5.  After a 2-night trip to the Black Forest, the 8 of us will be road tripping Europe in a van for a week.  The route:

Accommodations include an indoor ski resort, an overnight ferry, beach hotels, and B&B’s. For the 8 of us. In a van.

How to follow:

I don’t expect there will be much time to blog while riding in a van with 3 children, 1 baby (yes: baby), and us 4 adults. Instead, I’ll be posting pics to Instagram (@karilogue), tweeting (@ingermanyabroad), and sometimes pushing to Tumblr (ingermanyabroad) and Facebook (Kari Ann Martindale); but most importantly, I’ll be giving the YouTube channel (Kari Martindale) a try.  For this trip, I’ll be using the hashtag #8inaVan.  Be glad there’s no smellovision, because my guess is that a van of 8 riding around Europe for a week in the dead of summer is gonna smell ripe.

Next up…

In August, we head to Barcelona for almost a week, followed by a Disney Cruise in the Med. We’re super excited!  It’s no secret that Marriotts are my hotels of choice (and no, I am not an affiliate–I get nada for plugging them), so we’ll be checking out two Marriotts while we’re in Barcelona–one is the Cotton House Hotel, a recent addition to their Autograph Collection.  It looks awesomesauce!  They have a rooftop pool, so we’ll be able to stay cool after pounding the pavement all day.  Fingers crossed that their tapas include my simple favorite, tortilla de patata. Mmmmmmmm……..

How to follow:

Although I might post a little when we’re at port, I’ll be unplugging on the cruise ship.  During the stay in Barcelona, I’ll be on Twitter (@ingermanyabroad) and Instagram (karilogue).

Next up…

In September while my mother is visiting, I embark on a ladies-only, 3-generation road trip. We’re going to get Mom to some new-to-her countries, and take her on a Sound of Music bus tour in Austria. The hills will be alive with my nutso family. The route:

How to follow:

I’ll be on Twitter (@ingermanyabroad) and Instagram (karilogue), and maybe pushing to Tumblr for that one, too.

Next up…

In October, we have one definite plan among our tentative plans: a road trip around the island of Ireland/Northern Ireland.  We are ridiculously excited for this one.  We’re talking Cliffs of Moher, glamping in a yurt (I never get tired of saying that), a rope bridge to freak me out, a distillery, and so.much.more.  Oh, it’ll also involve driving on the other side of the road.  Which I do half the time anyway, truth be told.  This is a true hot mess in the making.


When I originally planned the trip, I thought for some reason that there was no Marriott in Dublin. Boy, was I happy to be wrong.  I cancelled my other reservation and have booked The Shelbourne Dublin for the first night. How awesome does this hotel look?!  Remember, to balance luxury with insanity, we will be glamping in a yurt.

How to follow:

I’m definitely going to try to get the rope bridge and breathtaking sights onto the YouTube channel, and of course will be on Twitter and Insta with the other amazing views and adventures.


While I’m talking about social media…

I changed my profile pic on some platforms, to best reflect my adventures: lost, ill-prepared, miserable, and loving it:


(from the Plitvice Lakes debacle)

Meanwhile, I’ve opened an account on Vine (kari martindale).  Here’s how I feel about that:

(The above, I discovered among pictures from this winter’s sledding debacle in Austria; this is post-spiked-hot cocoa)

And lastly, to prove I’m crazy, my book launch happens right in the midst of this craziness, on 30 July. Pre-order your copy now!

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