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| March 23, 2016

Here is the current travel I have booked for 2016…you can follow it on twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, and here.


Coming up, we have 2 weeks in the States, where we will be looking for a new house for when we move back in June. The last time I bought a house, my realtor and friend and I managed to get locked *inside* a house, so who knows what will happen this time…

We’re crossing our fingers that our first grandchild, my stepson’s daughter, will be born while we’re home. If so, it might mean a quick trip out to Utah for one or more of us.

SGH Some Guy's Hat


Next we have the #finishSGH2016 road trip with me, the kid, and my aunt.  Surely it’ll be a repeat of the crazy in #3genRT.  It’s very exciting to finish every pin on Some Guy’s Hat–I wasn’t sure I could do it. We’ll be staying at Marriotts and an Italian B&B, and checking out a Swiss spring festival and Munich’s spring beer festival.  Yeah, buddy!


polish pottery boleslawiec poland pottery shop floor


Next is a long weekend in Poland.  We’ll be pottery shopping in Boleslawiec, visiting Krakow, and hopefully will find time for a somber visit to Auschwitz. We’ll be staying at B&B’s and apartments.

We’ll be heading to Munich for a weekend to have dinner at a place my husband loved during our first visit to Germany in 2005.  Um, hopefully it’s still good.  We also plan to visit a movie studio that features the dragon from the Neverending Story! We’ll be staying at a Marriott downtown.

heidelberg castle

We’ll be spending a few days back at the Heidelberg Marriott as we wrap up our time in Germany.


On our last two nights in Germany, we’ll stay exactly where we’ve been saying, for nearly four years, that we will stay on our last nights in Germany: the airport Hilton that’s shaped like a blimp! My daughter has been looking forward to this for over three years.

Then we’ll be in the States for good–we’re just not sure where yet! We’ll definitely spend some time with my parents in SC.

This will mark the beginning of the year-long repatriation project I’ll be documenting for a future book.


Ditto: vagabonds on the east coast.


We’ll be flying out to Salt Lake City for my stepdaughter’s wedding. It should be a hot mess.


Nada!  Settling into a home, we hope, and Sequoia starting a new school. I think that’s enough for a month?


We’ll either be heading to Pottstown, PA for a Brewfest, or Philly for the Harry Potter festival. We do have some Harry Potter lovers in the family. We also have 2 beer lovers!


Nothing planned. I predict we’ll be eating turkey.


In early December, we’ll head to Philly to visit family, and also check out their Christmas Market. That’s right. Christmas Market. Let’s see how it compares!

Over New Year’s, we’re totally heading to Philly for the Mummers Parade BECAUSE MUMMERS.

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