What It’s Like Talking to Me #5

| October 30, 2015

Another email, this one from 2006: 

Paul returned from his TDY last week and was cleaning up around the house.

Paul:   We need Windex
Kari:   We have Windex wipes
Paul:   Where?  I don’t see any.
Kari:   Hmm…I don’t know.

Tonight, Paul and I were sitting on the couch with the dogs.

Paul:   Guinea smells.
Kari:   Maybe Flash peed on her.
Paul:   You think?
Kari:   Once, I caught him peeing on her back as she was peeing outside.
Paul:   REALLY?
Kari:   Yes.  I had to bring her in and clean her up.

Long pause.

Kari:   I remember what happened to the Windex wipes.

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