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| September 29, 2015

I recently came across an old email telling some friends about a conversation between me and my husband, Paul.  It is one of several conversations I’ll publish in upcoming weeks, from old emails.  Seriously, it is a wonder we accomplish anything together.

Email from JANUARY 2008


Yesterday, Paul and I were in the car:

Paul: Today, Jiin was asking me all about the caucuses.

Kari: I have a map of the Caucasus at work…Why does she care so much about what’s going on in the Caucasus right now?

Paul: She cares about leadership, I guess.


Tonight, after an election-related commercial:

Paul: Ooh…I wonder what’s going on in the caucuses.


I had to take off my glasses to wipe my eyes as I guffawed.

Kari: Do you remember a conversation we had yesterday?

Paul: About the caucases?

Kari: You brought them up…and my response was that I had a map of the Caucasus?

Paul: Yeah?


Really long pause to see if Paul would catch up.

Kari: You didn’t think that odd?

Paul: Well, I figured you had a map of where everything was taking place.


Really long pause to see if Paul would catch up.

Kari: No.  I meant the Caucasus.


Really long pause to see if…

Paul: OH, the MOUNTAINS?

Kari: Yes.

Paul: The biggest news item and you thinking I’m talking about the mountains?



Kari: Well, Jiin is Kurdish.




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