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| February 7, 2015

Upcoming trips involve accommodations ranging from a 17th Century Manor to a beach shack to an Alpine hotel to a 14th Century B&B to Marriott properties (including one newly-acquired Autograph Collection hotel in Barcelona!) – and a whole lot more!  They’re located in city centers, mountains, beaches, and villages. Oh, and then there’s the cruise ship. Here is the exciting lineup of some of the bigger upcoming events to look for on social media from now through August.  Check it out!  

KINDERFASCHINGSUMZUG – The Dieburg children’s parade is TOMORROW, 08 Feb, at 13:33! That’s 07:33 for those of you watching on the East Coast in the US. My daughter is marching with her school. Look for real-time photos of parade groups and fun on instagram (karilogue), as well as some photos on facebook and tumblr. Look for live tweets on twitter and, sometime after, blog posts here on karilogue.

KARNEVAL – From Sunday 08 Feb through Tuesday 17 Feb, Karneval shenanigans will be taking place, culminating with the big parade passing right in front of our house. No travel necessary to experience Karneval! Expect real-time photos and live tweets, followed eventually by blog posts.

LICHTENSTEINLate February, a weekend in Lichtenstein. Why? Because you can’t live this close to a country that comes up randomly in conversation, without visiting. Just the sound of it alone… Expect instagram pics and a post-trip blog post.

ROAD TRIP + BIKE TRIP THROUGH NORMANDY – In March, we will be taking a road trip through Germany, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. There should be plenty of live updates. We’ll spend several of those days biking through Normandy, which should be interesting since Sequoia and I have not biked since the Bodensee debacle. Also, it should be fucking freezing.

Road trip-

Bike loop-

FLORIDA – Yup, Florida. Sequoia and I will be surprising my grandparents, as my grandfather turns 90 in April. Not sure how much live social media will be going on since my grandparents do not have internet, let alone wi-fi (hence my ability to publish the surprise). Fortunately they live near a Target, where I plan to use free wi-fi and buy a ton of shit I don’t need while Sequoia munches on a hotdog and icee.

POLAND – In May, we are heading to Poland to visit a Polish pottery factory and buy new dishes. This trip and Lichtenstein will add a couple new countries to the list.

FAMILY OF FIVE VISITING – Expect some serious chaos in July, when we are visited by a family of five, including a baby and two pre-teen boys, for a full two weeks. There will be live tweets, pics, and updates from this one, which will include road trips. With 1 baby + 7 non-babies. I’ve rented a 9-passenger van. Shit just got real.

BARCELONA + DISNEY CRUISE – In August, we’ll be visiting beautiful Barcelona (expect live pics, tweets, updates) followed by the Mediterranean Disney cruise (probably no live updates, but certainly post-cruise posts).

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 2.11.28 PM

Screen shot from Disney Cruise website, which hopefully doesn’t sue me since I’m really just giving them publicity.

We should then be preparing for a September visit from my mother, followed by either a visit from my aunt or some sort of crazy road trip in October. Either way, October’s updates should be interesting, as they’ll involve two weeks of travel with or without my aunt. I’m also looking to schedule some more travel with Some Guy’s Hat, probably in summer, possibly during the chaotic visit.




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