10 Things I Miss from the States

| December 8, 2015

We are about 6 months out from returning permanently to the States–back with friends, family, and familiarity. So…what (besides friends and family) do I miss that I’ll be happy to see and do?

Turning right on red

Yeah, that’s right.  Here in Germany, I have to sit and stare at the red light, no traffic in sight, wanting to turn right, but knowing that I’ll probably be executed if I do so. When we move back, I’ll be driving circles around city blocks just to turn right on red.

Drive-thru ATM’s

(because lazy)

The English language

You don’t even know how much I miss English, people.


I’m gonna be in Target every day. (Hopefully my husband is not reading this.)

After-holiday sales

I’ve never been one for sale events like Good Friday, but the morning after major holidays, I bounce out of bed and head to Target and other stores, to snatch up all the holidays items on clearance.  Here, there is no drastic price-slashing. It’s depressing. Guess where you’ll find me on 26 December 2016? The nearest Target, baby.

Sweet tea

McDonald’s and Cracker Barrel, here I come. “I’ll just have a sweet tea, please.”


I’ll be driving to Philly for a proper slice of pie.  And a hoagie.


I miss a good greasy spoon. For breakfast, especially.  There just isn’t a breakfast scene here. I’m heading to PA for the best diners. Scrapple.  Pie.  Tuna melts. Mmmmm. And speaking of breakfast…


Toasted.  With cream cheese. I don’t understand why there are so few bagels in Germany (Germany’s loss for “kicking out” the Jews).

American cakes and icing

And cupcakes. And brownies. And Krispy Kremes. Sweets aren’t as sweet here. Don’t get me wrong–there’s nothing like finding a good confectioner in smalltown Germany. But overall, American sweets are sweeter, and I’m in. (Most important tip you’ll ever need: Don’t eat German donuts. They suck.)




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Kari Martindale is a writer and ESL instructor. She’s visited all 50 states and 37 countries, including many of the big cities of Europe and a ton of Christmas Markets. She spends her days straddling the fence between a sense of adventure and a sense of dread. She is married to what is clearly a patient man and has a daughter who, frustratingly, is just like her. Her academic and professional backgrounds are in linguistics and foreign languages. When she's not teaching ESL, she's writing. When she's not writing, she's thinking about her next trip.

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  1. Sarah Ridlon says:

    Yes! PA is the only place for pizza, hoagies, and where they’ve heard of scrapple. It’s our last stop before heading to Germany next month.

  2. Carrie says:

    I’m with you on the bagels. It used to be my breakfast every weekday, but poof! No more now that we’re in Europe. Maple bars! And real cheesecake!!!

  3. Christi says:

    Flipping Pancakes, I miss having a breakfast option. Mostly because breakfast dishes can be the worst.

  4. And…Chinese food, delivered. I’m eating egg rolls for a month straight.