12 Interesting Museums Worth Visiting in Europe

| February 4, 2016

Europe is filled with the quirky and the interesting, and museums are no exception. Many are fun, while some interactively address a serious topic in such a way that you leave both informed and having enjoyed your visit.  Here are just 10 interesting museums around Europe.


Friedrichshafen, Germany

When you think of zeppelins, it’s really the Hindenburg that comes to mind.  The Zeppelin museum contains re-creations of sections of the Hindenburg, the history of dirigibles, and other interesting interactive exhibits.

zeppelin museum playground sliding board bodensee lake constance germany

You can’t have a Zeppelin museum without a zeppelin slide!

MUSÉE DES ÉGOUTS DE PARIS (the Paris Sewers Museum)

Paris, France

Not only does Paris offer its visitors a museum about its sewers, but the museum is actually located in the sewers.  And omg does it stink down there.  Why?  Because it’s the sewer. Sewage water is running beneath grates as you walk through the museum.  On the plus side, it’s the best place to cool off on a hot and humid Paris day.

We used our pass to enter the Sewer Museum, physically located in the sewers. It stank.



Dublin, Ireland

Who doesn’t love Leprechauns?  This little museum in Dublin dedicates itself to the legend of the leprechaun.  It’s an interactive guided tour of history and folklore that will please all ages.



Quineville, France

This Normandy museum, located inside an old WWII bunker, is perfect for the family.  As you walk through scenes of what life was like during occupation, children can search the exhibits for images found in their activity book.

Le Mémorial de la Liberté retrouvée quineville france dday wwii

Le Mémorial de la Liberté retrouvée museum exhibit


Lagacurry, Ireland

The best place to learn about the Famine and Irish history in general, is from a guided tour of this small village museum consisting of old thatched dwellings.  You’ll learn about the origin of many clichés you didn’t even know were Irish!

doagh famine village ireland

Doagh Famine Village



Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Never has a wax museum been more fun!  Visitors are encouraged to slip into the scenes with the celebrity wax figures.

ET, et on bike

You’ll phone home about this one


Erbach, Germany

Snow globes, souvenir pins, and quirky household items come together in this museum that depicts the history of Koziol, a German company with roots in ivory and plastic.  Visitors enter an interactive time warp where they can pose for a speeding ticket, operate a conveyer belt, and, for the kids, stamp a card at every learning station.




MUSÉE DU SABOTIER (The Clogmaker’s Museum)

Soucht, France

This little museum in France is dedicated to the history of clog making.  Visitors don wooden clogs as they move from station to station, discovering surprising uses for clogs and watching clog makers in action.

clog museum


Munich, Germany

This is a giant, world-class museum.  It’s not so much quirky as it is just plain impressive. It contains an underground coal mine (really), a children’s area where kids are going to get wet, windmills, planes, and so much more.  One day is barely enough time to visit the whole museum!

In a coal mine. In a museum.

In a coal mine. In a museum.


VOLENDAMS MUSEUM (the town museum of Volendam)

Volendam, the Netherlands

This tiny museum teaches visitors about the history of its northern fishing town, including its unique traditional dress.  But what one might not expect, is an exhibit of cigar label murals.  Like, entire wall murals.

volendam cigar mural



Zaanse Schans, the Netherlands

This windmill village outside of Amsterdam is a quaint place to spend the day, walking from demonstrations to museums to shops, surrounded by ten beautiful Dutch windmills.

Zaanse Schans windmill village attraction

Zaanse Schans windmill village


Gutach im Schwarzwald, Germany

Germany has some wonderful open-air museums, including this quaint Black Forest village depicting rural life from the 16th Century through today in Germany’s Black Forest region. Six fully-furnished homes, outbuildings, farm animals, and demonstrations of crafts and other activities make for a great family day.

one of the Black Forest museum homes

one of the Black Forest museum homes


Europe is filled with places your whole family will enjoy!



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