8 are in a van!

| July 31, 2015

As I recently posted, there are many ways to follow our current travel with #8inavan. We’ve all been doing admirably despite the smells coming from the van after my attempt to drive it (I’ve given new meaning to dropping the clutch) and the smells coming from the van if someone removes their shoes.


What #8inaVan looks like (you can’t see the sleeping baby)

The kids are getting along exactly as expected: good times sprinkled with wanting to kill one another.  They instantly bonded over minecraft.  My favorite moment was probably when they went from “STOP TOUCHING ME” to a sleeping three-man pileup.

The baby is handling the trip much better than expected.  We do not have a constantly-shrieking demon in the van.  In fact, she is much better to be around than the kids.

There was a debacle at the hotel; my child was expected to sleep on the floor.  More on that soon!



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