A Snow Hike in Liechtenstein

| March 5, 2015

This past weekend, we headed to Liechtenstein–primarily because we hadn’t been to Liechtenstein and it sounded cool.  Here’s a simple little photoessay about the hike we took while visiting. I would call it a moderate hike, as it isn’t on flat land and snow makes everything more difficult.

On the first morning, we woke to snow at the hotel.

No that we could see it.

Not that we could see it.

The entire country of Liechtenstein consists of one side of one mountain.  After breakfast, we decided to visit Liechtenstein’s one castle.

liechtenstein hotel, wood decor

Pre-hike: at breakfast

But you can’t visit Schloss Vaduz because it is still the royal residence.  Just once, I’d love to walk through an old stone castle and see plasma screen televisions, a dishwasher, and a washing machine. Alas.

vaduz, stone castle, europe, schloss

Schloss Vaduz

Now hoping for a little bit of a hike, we parked across from the castle (by some public restrooms) and headed into the woods of the Schlosswald.

liechtenstein vaduz schloss

We came prepared.

A morning Tweet: You know you’ve been living in a while if your clothing layers include something restaurant-appropriate under snowpants

We followed a switchback trail leading straight up the mountain, where there were a lot of fallen trees.

downed trees, europe

It was like an obstacle course.

downed trees, europe

I was beginning to wonder if they were trying to keep us out.

down trees, no trespassing sign, safety, europe, woods, warning sign

Let’s not go this way.

At the bottom where we started, there were definite signs of spring, and life.

mushroom on a log, orange, trail hiking, woods

winter hiking, schlosswald, hiking trail, wet leaves


Eventually, we hit the snow line.

europe, trail, hiking, kid, father and daughter hiking, snow pants, winter hiking, woods

Tiny waterfalls rushed down the mountain.

bridge, europe, hiking trail, winter hiking

cross, religion in nature, europe, frozen ice, frozen cross

Religion in nature: An icicle. For reals.

girl tracking animals, winter hiking, kid

Then it got interesting: we spotted multiple animal tracks.

girl, snow pants, winter hiking, animal prints, pawprints

“Darnit, I left my magnifying glass in the car.” (Yes, she said that; no, I had no idea she had a magnifying glass in the car.)

Soon, we came out of the woods and into an open field with animal tracks leading in several directions.  From the gross musky smell in one area on the way up the mountain, we’re thinking the smaller tracks were weasel. Larger tracks appeared to be from deer and/or mountain goats.

europe, winter hiking, cold, fog

family hiking, fog, europe

By the top, I had shed coat, hat, scarf and gloves.  Everyone had shed their hats. It was hot as balls hiking uphill, even in the snow.

After hanging out in the field for a little bit, we turned back.

liechtenstein snow hike kid girl mother daughter europe winter hiking

europe, winter hiking

Heading back down

Eventually, we came back out of the real snow…

trail, snow line, europe, winter hiking

…and into the downed tree course.

It was obviously a much faster hike down than up.

girl sliding down hill, muddy, trail hiking, winter hiking, woods, europe

Sequoia’s shortcut

dirty pants, snow pants, winter hiking, father and daughter


Super fun little morning hike!


What we ate in Lichtenstein.



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