Adding More Travel Plans

| March 8, 2015

A few more trips are in the works. Because you know I’m nuts.


We now have more family arriving in May. They’ll only be here for a week, so nothing crazy. We’ll head to Colmar, France for the weekend, then drop them off in Baden-Baden to find their own way back. Our day trips will include Burg Breuberg, a small medieval festival on the grounds of a castle, and more! Colmar will be new to me; I’m looking forward to seeing its canals and colorful houses. This particular medieval fest is also a first for us.


Our crazy family of five friends visiting this summer will have quite the road trip, and in a big ol’ van to boot. The eight of us should get closer over this visit! What do we have going on?

Trip #1 to the Back Forest: Gutach and Triberg. Plans include riding a Rodelbahn, doing a barefoot sensory trail, visiting a Black Forest outdoor museum, and enjoying the charm of the Black Forest.

Trip #2 – National Lampoon’s European Vacation with 8 morons in a van. The loop:

We will not take the Chunnel. We will cross the English Channel by ferry in order to catch views of the White Ciffs of Dover. Expect photos, tweets, and blog entries as we enjoy history, indoor skiing, ferries, restaurants, canals, wine, and so much more!


At the close of summer, my mother will visit. Although we will mostly stay local so my mother can play with her granddaughter and hang out in and around Dieburg, I did just make reservations for a two-night trip during which we’ll visit Burg Rheinfels, check out a wine festival in Mainz, and maybe take a Rhein day cruise? We shall see what the trip brings!

All this and our previously-planned spring and summer trips, including a bike trip through Normandy, Florida (yes, Florida), Poland, a Mediterranean Disney cruise, and more? Yup. And I predict I’m not finished…


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