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| May 19, 2014

I am so behind on blog entries.  On March 29th we headed to Strasbourg for the weekend since Some Guy’s Hat was sporting a Strasbourg pin with dangling clogs.


Of course I therefore arranged for a tour of a clog museum. Trip highlights:

Éclair.  Because Éclair.  And, since I don’t take enough trendy food shots like the rest of the world:


Alsacien Museum


Sticking our heads in holes



Cathédrale Notre Dame


Forgetting to take a picture of SGH and Strasbourg until we were on our way out of Strasbourg


Getting locked out of the parking garage our car was parked in, panicking, and then, remembering that I could read a bit of French even if I can’t speak it, reading a sign with instructions for after-hours car retrieval.  And finally, getting into the garage and finding this shovel in a parking place:


The Museum of the Clog Makers.  I don’t want to go into detail since I must save everything for the book, but one of the gentlemen who runs the museum was kind enough to come in on a Sunday and give us a private tour in English.  They recently moved from an older building, a former original clog workshop, to a new museum building, where we donned clogs and went from station to station learning about the process and then seeing some examples of clogs that have purposes you never, ever, in a million years, would have guessed.


Accusingly yelling “SABOTIER!” while pointing at the Sabotier Museum, more times than my husband cared to endure.


Amazing lunch smothered in creamy French sauces…


across from a citadel


in this awesomely-monikered town


which apparently likes the ladies.

IMG_1169 IMG_1163

And finally, Château de LichtenbergChâteau de Lichtenberg Château de Lichtenberg Château de Lichtenberg


in, well, Lichtenberg,

lichtenberg lichtenberg

where we grabbed Orangina and coffee before the return trip.


Vive la France!


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